Film screening and conversation: ‘Proof of identity’ by Mikołaj Grynberg

‘Proof of identity’ by Mikołaj Grynberg


24 May 2022 at 18:30 CET

A special screening of Mikołaj Grynberg’s documentary.
After the screening, Anneli Rådestad talks to the film’s director.
Interpreter: Tomas Håkanson.

What does it mean to be a Polish Jew today, 2021? How do Polish Jews define their identity at the age of twenty and when they are two or three times as old? Do they belong to the religious or secular group?
In his documentary ‘Proof of identity’, Mikołaj Grynberg searches for answers to these questions.

Mikołaj Grynberg is an author, reporter and photographer. He has published such short story collections as: Rejwach (Rabalder) and Poufne (Confidential).

Anneli Rådestad, editor-in-chief and responsible publisher of Judisk Krönika.

Tomas Håkanson, interpreter and translator; including books by A. Sapkowski, A. Stasiuk, D. Masłowska, O. Pamuk.

‘Proof of identity’
Screenplay and direction: Mikołaj Grynberg
Original title: Dowód tożsamości, documentary, 40 min.
Premiere: November 21, 2021
Production: The Museum of the History of the Polish Jews POLIN
Executive producer: IDFX

Co-organizers: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Judiska församlingen i Stockholm, Judisk krönika, Paideia Folkhögskola and Paideia – the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden with support of Kulturrådet.

The event is in English and interpreted to Swedish.
Free entrance.

Registration is obligatory till the 19th May 2022.
The exact address of the event will be given after registration and one day prior to the event.