The Paideia Project Laboratory is a 10-week online program supporting the project management and development of the most promising initiatives for European Jewish life at the European, national and local levels. It is designed for activists and innovators in the educational, cultural, heritage, communal, intercultural and institutional fields.

Develop your project for European Jewish culture ONLINE!

The Paideia Project Laboratory draws on the success of Paideia’s Project-Incubator and includes ten weekly online meetings, workshops and individual tutoring sessions – from project conceptualization and developing Jewish content to fundraising and hands-on tools for project management. These activities have been modified to allow close interaction between tutors and participants in a digital world.

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The Paideia Project Laboratory 2021 started on October 5, 2021 and runs for 10 weeks with 3,5 hour sessions every Tuesday evening (17.00-20.30 CET). It also includes 10 individual tutoring meetings with 0,5 hour sessions every week, peer-to-peer feedback sessions and check-ins. The program ends on December 7, 2021.


The 10 week program will provide a step-by-step working process – from the idea stage to realization – and include workshops and seminars. The curriculum includes sessions on project development, fundraising, Jewish content, grant writing, marketing and much more.

As each session builds upon the skills of the prior session, it is critical to participate in the entire series to receive maximum benefits.

The program also includes 10 individual tutoring meetings with 0,5 hour sessions every week, peer-to-peer feedback sessions and check-ins.


Tutors of the Paideia Project Laboratory 2021 are professionals from organizations in the field of social Jewish entrepreneurship from Europe, Israel, and the US.

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  • The project must respond to a specific need, be a concrete and feasible, involving Jewish culture and taking place in Europe (in one or several places).
  • The proposed project could either be new or be an already existing project that is currently under development towards its next phase.
  • Projects should have a clear social benefit.


  • Capacity and experience in the project’s field and in leading projects.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Willingness to share experiences and knowledge with others.
  • A background in Jewish studies and/or an active involvement in Jewish culture.
  • Although the applicant does not need to be European, preference will be given to European candidates.

Additional requirements for participation:

  • Prepared to participate in the full program:
    • 10 meetings X 3,5 hour sessions every Tuesday evening (17.00-20.30 CET)
    • 10 tutoring meetings X 0,5 hour sessions every week
    • Homework, assignments, check-ins
  • Availability to work on realizing the project during next year


The application process for the year 2021 is now closed.


If you have questions regarding the application, the acceptance process, or the program please contact Łukasz Gorniok at