In the past Paideia has offered public lectures and events in various series, such as the Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library “My Text of Choice” or “Month of the Art”, as well as special single talks.

Please see below some of the offerings from the past years.

2001 – 2002

Jo & Jacob MilgromHems and Tassels: The Art of Tallit

Jacob MilgromDid Moses Really Write the Torah?

David Zisenwine Windows of Opportunity

Seth GlassMidrash Through Music

Art GreenWhat is Kabbalah

2002 – 2003

Marc HirshmanThe Midrashic Mind

Donniel HartmanThe Boundaries of the Intolerable in Halacha

Chana SafraiWomen and the Jewish Tradition

Zvi ZoharJewish Sources for Pluralism and Multi-Culturalism

Evyatar MarienbergRashi: The Man. The Legacy. The Legend.

Felix PosenOn Secular Judaism

2003 – 2004

Yair Lorberbaum – The Image of God in the Jewish Tradition

Zvi ZoharThe Rabbi and the Sheikh – a Tale of a Human Relationship in the 18th Century Damascus

Yitzhak Benbaji The Election of the Jewish People According to Maimonides

Barbara SpectreCinematext – About Schmidt, About Aging, About Loneliness

Francine KlagsbrunThe Sabbath: Its Meaning for Today

Steven E. AschheimThe Nazi Book Burnings 7o Years After: Why They Happened Then, Why They Matter Now

David Zisenwine Identity – Some Questions, Some Answers

Lars DencikPostmodern Judaism

Marion Helfer Wajngot Midrash i litteraturen: text, bild och tolkning

Michael SwirskyReclaiming Jewish Tradition: Some Models from the Recent Past

2004 – 2005

David Zisenwine Public and Private in Jewish Life

Zvi ZoharSephardic Sources for Jewish Feminism

Aharon ShemeshWho consecrate the Shabbat?

Haim ShapiraFoundations of Jewish Identity: Past and Present

2005 – 2006

David Zisenwine – Medical ethics – Is This a Jewish Issue?

Zvi ZoharJoining the Jews or Joining Judaism? Two Different Traditional Models of Conversion and Jewish Identity

Noam ZionComparative Narratives of Giving Charity, Philanthropy and Tzedaka – Christian, Greek and Jewish Insights

Yair Lipshitz Jewish Theatre in Renaissance Italy: Carnival, Politics and Midrash

Bernt HermeleMy Mother was Killed by a Suicide Bomber

Jesper SvartvikWhen Will They Ever Learn? A Christian Theology in the Presence of a Crucified and Resurrected People

Diana PintoAre There Jewish Answers to Europe’s Questions?

Bozena WerbartThe Khazar Khaganate and the Meanings of Cultural Identity

Vivian MannThe Unknown Jewish Artists of the Middle Ages

Olof MathéA New Brand of Anti-Semitism?

Raniero Fontana Is There a Place for Gentiles at the Foot of Mount Sinai?

Bryna LevyThe Prophet Elijah

Avi SagiReligion and Morality

2006 – 2007

Israel KnohlDid God Create Evil?

Jonathan BenDov – How Job Destroyed the Natural Order: a Structural Reading of Job Chapter 3

Haim Shapira The Challenge of a Jewish and Democratic State

Avigdor ShinanJerusalem in the Aggadic Literature

Orit IlanKilling the Ghosts of the Past. On the commandment to blot out the remembrance of Amalek

Yitzhak Benbaji God and the Value of Life

Eichanan Reiner The Rise of the Itinerant Preacher, Or: The Roots of the Secondary Ashkenazic Literature at the Dawn of the Modern Era

Jesper Svartvik – “‘This Not Too Late To Seek a Newer World” – Why Jewish-Christian Relations Matter

Amina Avdovic – Jewish-Muslim Relations – A Story of Changing Patterns

Melila Hellner-Eshed – Imagine what being awake would be like! – On the call of Zohar for Awakening

Rachel Livneh-Freudenthal The Vision of the future and the Narrating of the Past. The Beginning of the Science of Judaism

2010 – 2011

Yael Shenker – To write a book that is not The Book: Ultra Orthodox women creating popular Literature

Mordechai Zalkin – Did they know the glory of nature? The childhood experience in traditional Jewish society

Avriel Bar-Levav – Books and angels – Bibliography and spirituality in the 17th Century

Rani Jaeger – Herzl’s Altneuland – an Exploration of a Realistic Utopia,