Prof. Adiel Schremer

30 teaching hours, equivalent to 3 ECTS

Adiel Schremer is Professor in the Koschitzky Department for Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry at Bar Ilan University. His main field is the history of the Jews in the late Roman period. His first book, on “Jewish Marriage” was published in 2003. His second book, “Brothers Estranged: Heresy, Christianity, and Jewish Identity”, appeared by Oxford University Press in 2010. His third book, “Ma‘ase Rav: Halakhic Decision-Making and the Shaping of Jewish Identity” has just appeared by Bar Ilan University Press.

This course will discuss the emergence of Jewish law as a reaction to a textualist shift that took place in the Second Temple period. We will discuss that shift and its impact on the theory of law among various groups of that period. It will argue that the transformation of the Torah into a legal document, by various Jewish groups of that period, had a major impact on its understanding as a source of legal thinking, and this paved the way to the birth of Jewish law.