Prof. Yair Lorberbaum
27 teaching hours, equivalent to 3 ECTS

Yair Lorberbaum (b. 1958, lives in Jerusalem) is a member of the Law Faculty at Bar Ilan University, where he lectures on Philosophy of Law, Jewish Law and Jewish Thought. Yair has been a member of the IAS of the Hartman Institute for many years and a guest lecturer at numerous Universities in the US and Europe.

The course is an intersection of disciplines and themes: History – of the Jews, of Halakhah, and of Jewish Thought; Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law – The complex relation between rules and reasons, Legal formalism, legal interpretation; Jewish Law (Halakhah) – The rise of  formalism in halakhic reasoning in modern Jewish Law; Jewish Thought (Kabbalah and Philosophy) – The rise of: Halakhic religiosity of mystery and transcendence, Halakhic religiosity of obedience and servitude, Kabbalah, especially of kabbalistic reasons of the commandment.