BrARTnch: Lea Nikel & Menashe Kadishman in focus with Paula Elion

11th December 2022 at 11:00 CET


Join us for a workshop BrARTnch that combines small brunch with art. Learn more about two prominent Israeli artists Lea Nikel and Menashe Kadishman and create your own piece of art inspired by work of presented artists. The workshop is led by artist Paula Elion. Refreshment and material is provided. The number of places is limited.

Read more About Lea Nikel:

Read more about Menashe Kadishman:

About the workshop leader:
Paula Elion is Argentinean-Israeli artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Paula graduated from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel. She explores the mediums of painting and drawing, while using old books, found objects, cloth, cardboard, wood, and more. Her work deals with a wide range of topics that connect personal and socio-political aspects. It is often inspired by images from social media and her own family albums, exploring universal conflicts and questions. Paula is part of the Detroit collective of artists in Stockholm and has exhibited her work in Sweden, Israel, Mexico, Serbia, Germany. Recipient of Israel Ministry of Culture 2019 prize for independent artists.

The event is in collaboration between Paideia folkhögskola, Paideia- the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden and Jewish Community in Stockholm.

The event is held in English. Free entrance. Please register until 4 December.