Paideia’s alumni body comprises of hundreds of program graduates in over 40 different countries. They are community professionals and cultural producers, heads of educational institutions and editors, rabbis in nine different countries, cantors and researchers, museum professionals and artists, journalists and authors. They form part of an active, and growing, community of mutual support and joint action. They are united in their motivation and willingness to contribute to the renewal of Jewish culture in Europe.

Paideia supports its alumni on an individual basis with recommendations, connections, networking, and opportunities and has initiated a number of different programmatic measures for supporting the alumni, in close cooperation and consultation with the graduates themselves. Alumni activities include the yearly alumni conference, a micro-grant scheme, the HUB – online learning sessions for alumni clusters around Europe, an interactive database and much more.

Alumni Conferences

A major yearly event, the Alumni Conference constitutes the face-to-face platform for graduates to get to know each other, exchange ideas, concerns and best practices and to learn about each other’s work. Lasting 3-4 days in different cities across Europe, it aims at connecting and sharing among alumni, learning, creating new projects and strategizing.

The Paideia alumni conferences are kindly funded by Diane and Howard Wohl.

Previous alumni meetings have been held in:

Paideia Mifgash

Paideia Mifgash is a series of Sunday travelling one-day events, built around one common theme.

The project is dedicated to strengthening the presence of Jewish thought and culture in all its aspects, to bridge building and to the exchange of ideas at the local and Pan-European level.

Paideia Mifgash aims to promote the diversity of Jewish life and to encourage and empower Paideia Alumni to grow as local activists.

The theme for 2023 series is: belonging.

Paideia Mifgash has been strengthened by the collaboration with the National Library of Israel. 

With its resources, knowledge and experience, the National Library of Israel supports the creation of the Study Material Package – the core element of the Paideia Mifgash project.