In partnership with local and international organizations, Paideia and Paideia Folkhögskola regularly arranges public programs aimed to make Jewish knowledge, heritage, and culture available both for the Swedish Jewish minority and for the general public. The events include lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, as well as film screenings, cooking, book presentations, musical events and much more.

Current Events

The calender with current events is available here.

Past Public Lectures and Events

In the past Paideia has offered public lectures and events in various series, such as the Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library “My Text of Choice” or “Month of the Art”, as well as special single talks.

Please see the list of some of the offerings from the past years here.

Videos for some of the past public lectures are available for online viewing here.

Judaism Afterwork

Since 2017 Paideia has arranged Judaism Afterwork, a series of lectures held by prominent scholars from major Israeli, American and European universities. They aim to bring academic subject related to Jewish studies closer to the general public. The topics include philosophy, intercultural dialogue, Jewish history etc. Lectures are organized in cooperation with the Jewish Community in Stockholm and Bajit.

Breakfast Seminar “My Mission”

Once a month, Paideia is organizing a series of breakfast seminars, entitled “My Mission”. It creates a platform for a meeting and discussion with various activists.

Kolnoa – Cinema

In 2019, as a way of marking the 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the three movies about the influence of this political change in Israel were screened. These were: Stalin Children, The Children of USSR, and White Panther.
The program is organized in cooperation with Israeli Embassy in Sweden, the Jewish Community in Stockholm and Bajit.

Musical performances

In addition, a number of musical performances, with the focus on Yiddish and Ladino, are arranged in cooperation with the Jewish Community in Stockholm and Bajit.

Art Exhibitions

Throughout Art exhibitions, Paideia is bringing different points of view on relevant historical moments. The most recent example is the exhibition of illustrations by famous Czech Arist Jiri Sliva – KAFKAFREUND. These illustrations aim to commemorate Franz Kafka´s and Sigmund Freud´s Jahrzeit – it is exactly 95 years since Franz Kafka (born in Prague, today Czech Republic) died in 1924 and 80 years since Sigmund Freud´s death (born in Příbor, today Czech rep.) in 1939.
This exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Jewish Community in Stockholm, Bajit, the Czech Embassy in Stockholm and Czech Center in Stockholm.