Paideia’s mission is to actively promote the renewal and flourishing of European Jewish cultural and intellectual life in the wake of the Holocaust and the trauma of communism, to support cultural diversity and to disseminate humanistic values. Dedicated to the revival of Jewish culture in Europe, Paideia educates leaders for Europe – academicians, artists and community activists – towards fluency in the Jewish textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization.

Paideia is a non-confessional institution of excellence, innovation, know-how and literacy that produces individual leaders and a collective movement of activism. The matrix at Paideia merges academic life with professional and community work, and Jewish culture with the wider European society.

A cornerstone in Paideia aim is that education is based on openness, democracy and transparency, and the wish to appropriate and draw advantage from a number of different cultures. The education is open to anyone with an interest and capability to add to Jewish culture and to the contribution of Jewish culture to a multifaceted European society. A free and open atmosphere is an important prerequisite. 

Paideia aims to be an organization where everyone is treated equally and respectfully, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability. We direct ourselves towards future leaders of Jewish life and intercultural work.