The One-Year Jewish Studies Program

‘To be a part of Paideia programme was an amazing adventure for me. I felt as I was offered an unexpected opportunity to immerse myself in the gorgeous Jewish culture. I felt as I was cuddled by those texts, words, sounds of the Jewish tradition I learnt about during the courses. I left my work and my daily routines, to go to Paideia and to listen to the voices that always whispered to me, the voices of Jewish past and present. Paideia made listen to them more carefully and helped me to answer many important questions.’

Fellow 2019-2020

‘Paideia felt to me a safe space, community building, in-depth Jewish studies with many branches. Listening to many different approaches from many different personalities from many different backgrounds. Engagement and participation…’

Fellow 2020-2021

At the heart of Paideia is the One-Year Jewish Studies Program, dedicated to the study and interdisciplinary interpretation of the textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization. The program has been running since Paideia began operations and is one of the most intensive Jewish learning experiences in Europe. It offers a combination of traditional textual study methodology (hevruta), an academic and critical approach to interpretation, and an applied dimension answering to contemporary needs, making it a unique program in Jewish studies.

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The Paideia Project-Incubator

The Project-Incubator is Paideia’s 10-day summer program for supporting the development of new initiatives for European Jewish life, to date totaling over 220 projects throughout Europe, more than any other program. It provides some 8 hours of scheduled activities each day, including lectures, workshops, peer review as well as four hours of individual tutoring time for each participant during the program. The first European program of its kind, it is still by far the leading program for supporting social innovation in Jewish Europe.

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The Paradigm Program

The Paradigm Program is Paideia’s program for discussing big Jewish ideas and for creating new formats for approaching Judaism and Jewish identity. The program was created in 2013 to facilitate the exploration of issues of Jewish community and identity in a world at once interconnected and fragmented. It brings American and European young thought-leaders together to interact for an intense week in Stockholm with renowned contemporary Jewish thinkers.

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Academic Conferences

Since 2001, Paideia has arranged a number of academic conferences.

The most recent conference took place in Stockholm in 2019 under the theme “1989-2019: Jews in Post-Communist Europe”.

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Public Programs

In partnership with local and international organizations, Paideia and Paideia Folkhögskola regularly arranges public programs aimed to make Jewish knowledge, heritage, and culture available both for the Swedish Jewish minority and for the general public. The events include lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, as well as film screenings, cooking, book presentations, musical events and much more.

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