Finding Freedom Reloaded- a 5Rhythms® Wave


24th May 2023 at 18:00-20:00 CET

You are invited to keep the Pesach theme of “Freedom” alive as we approach Shavuot, by following your feet on a dancing path to greater Freedom. Finding Freedom is a 5Rhythms® movement meditation class where we explore how the message of Freedom moves within each of us and how we can move more freely with others.

Finding freedom within means we begin with our own bodies – by becoming aware of our body parts and how these want to move, giving them our presence and attention, and then moving them more freely to explore new movements that can dissolve our conscious and subconscious patterns and limitations. Finding freedom with others means we recognize the tension that can arise when there are others present. How can we stay true to our own movement and expressiveness, and at the same time move together with others to dissolve tension – to co-create and experience freedom together.

The 5 Rhythms are a simple, dynamic movement meditation that releases the dancer that lives within each of us. No previous experience of dance or 5 Rhythms is necessary, and everyone can participate regardless of physicality. There are no special steps to learn, and you can follow your own pace and movement. The 5 Rhythms – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness – are different movement qualities that together build a wave of energy and presence. The method was developed by Gabrielle Roth and more information is available at

The class will begin with a warmup and a short introduction to 5 Rhythms® and the class structure. Then the group will be guided through a wave, supported by a variety of world music and beats that connect us to ourselves and to our theme of Freedom.

The class is led by Adam Eisen, a certified 5 Rhythms teacher who has danced the 5 Rhythms since 2013. More information about 5Rhythms activities in Stockholm with Adam and Susanne are found here:

What to bring:

• Soft, comfortable clothes for dancing and a water bottle
• We dance barefoot or with soft gym shoes

Free entrance.

The event is organized by Paideia and the Jewish Community in Stockholm. Supported by Kulturrådet.