Rosh Hashanah Waves – a 5 Rhythms® moving meditation

21st September 2022 at 18:00 CET


Are you ready to meet Rosh Hashana with your whole self – body, heart, mind and soul?
This is a unique opportunity to be guided in a 5Rhythms journey where we draw upon the body’s wisdom and energy to deepen our relationship to the transition to the new year.

The 5 Rhythms are a simple, dynamic movement meditation that releases the dancer that lives within each of us. No previous experience of dance or 5 Rhythms is necessary, and everyone can participate regardless of physicality. There are no special steps to learn, and you can follow your own pace and movement. The 5 Rhythms – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness – are different movement qualities that together build a wave of energy and presence. The method was developed by Gabrielle Roth and more information is available at

In this special Rosh Hashanah class, we will move with the year that has passed and the one that is coming. It will be a unique opportunity to use our bodies and movement to connect more deeply with the past year and how it lives in us today. Then we will invite and move with our intentions for the year we are approaching.

The class will begin with a warmup and a short introduction to 5 Rhythms® and the class structure. Then the group will be guided through two waves with supporting music – one that looks back and one that looks forward. With much dance and few words, we will create our own movement through this year’s passage.

The class is led by Adam Eisen, a certified 5 Rhythms teacher who has danced the 5 Rhythms since 2013.

What to bring:

• Soft, comfortable clothes for dancing and a water bottle
• We dance barefoot or with soft gym shoes
• Please bring a notebook and pen

Free entrance.
The event is organized by Paideia, Jewish Community in Stockholm and Bajit.

Registration is obligatory until 15th September.