Some of Paideia previous lectures are recorded and available for online viewing.

Follow the links below to find YouTube links of the events.


Paideia Lecture Series

Prof. Yair Zakovitch – Is the Bible a book or a library? The long way from books to a canon; How different parts of the Bible interpret one another. Different canons – different interpretations

Prof. Avigdor Shinan – The Story About Abraham And Sarah In Egypt


Paideia Lecture Series

Prof. Yair Zakovitch – Why Don’t I Speak Swedish? The Story of the Tower of Babel

Dr. Assaf Tamari – Lurianic Kabbalah: Man’s Personal Responsibility for God’s Fate


Krister Stendahl Memorial Lecture 2015

Prof. Mona Siddiqui – Love and Law in Christianity and Islam


Paideia Academic Conference: Bayit – Home: A Simple Notion Contested

Prof. Moshe Halbertal – Philosophical, Political and Human Perspectives on the Notion of Home

Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger – The Nomad, the Merchant and the Refugee


Krister Stendahl Lecture 2017

Dr. Regina Polak – Migration: a Chance for Metanoia


Krister Stendahl Lecture 2018

Prof. Paula Fredriksen – Messy Monotheism and Interfaith Pluralism: Gods and Humans in the Roman Mediterranean


Paideia Academic Conference: 1989 – 2019: Jews in Post-Communist Europe

Konstanty Gebert – Revival? Rebirth? Renaissance? What happened to Polish Jews over the last four decades?