Paideia and the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg (HfJS) give a joint 120 ECTS Master’s program in Jewish Studies, entitled M.A. Jewish Civilisations. The program is bringing together two leading European academic institutions and is based on a common vision shared by the two institutions of furthering excellence and mastery of Jewish sources in Europe, enhancing the knowledge base in Europe for research in Jewish studies and to contributing towards a European Jewish culture that is a dynamic, open and inclusive learning community, in conversation both with the Jewish textual sources and with society. By pooling and sharing resources, the two institutions also aim at the internationalization of European Jewish studies, allowing for mobility and contribution to the European academic community and to pan-European identity.

The degree includes an ambitious studies program and is designed to provide students thorough knowledge and competence for a career in research and professional life. Participants in the program will study in Stockholm and Heidelberg for a total of 120 ECTS: 60 credits at Paideia and 60 credits at HfJS.


–          Academic studies of Jewish text, culture, tradition and philosophy
–          World-leading faculty from the top Israeli and European universities
–          Master’s thesis work in Jewish Life, culture and literature, philosophy and religion
–          Intensive language studies (Hebrew)
–          Traditional Hevruta text study methodology
–          Networking in an open, international and pluralistic European environment
–          Follow-up programs and yearly conferences
–          Access to and support from a 400-individual strong network of alumni in 40 countries

Application guidance

In order to apply for the MA in Jewish Civilizations, apply to the Paideia One-Year Jewish Studies Program as usual and, after being enrolled in the One-Year Program, apply for the MA Program in Jewish Civilizations. Students who want to go on to Heidelberg are required to have at least a BA diploma. The application for the second year in Heidelberg is processed after being accepted to Paideia. All studies are conducted in English.

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Scholarships are available to students continuing their studies towards 120 ECTS Master’s program in Jewish Civilization.

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