The One-Year Jewish Studies Program has a requirement of 60 ECTS and is organized in two modules: Mandatory and Elective. The Mandatory module consists of the Israel excursion, independent study, individual project work, presentations, and workshops for a total of 25 ECTS.

The Elective module consists of one and two-week courses that run chronologically from Torah and Midrash, through Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Responsa Literature to Modern Jewish Philosophy and Literature. Students must complete a minimum of 35 ECTS credits from these electives.

The program starts in mid-August and finishes at the end of March. Studies are conducted five days a week, seven hours a day. The language of instruction is English.

In the 2021/2022 academic year the following courses are included in the Program:

Year-long courses

1. Modern Hebrew- read more

2. Methodology of Talmud – read more

3. Parashat Hashavua – read more

Visiting scholar courses

The Elective module consists of one and two-week Visiting Scholar courses. Students must complete a minimum of 35 ECTS credits from these electives.

1. Studying the Hebrew Bible – read more

2. Studying the Inter-Testamental Literature and the Midrash – read more

3. Jewish Culture in the Middle Ages – read more

4. Harry C. Sigman Course in Jewish Law: From the Bible to the State of Israel – read more

5. Gender and sexuality in Jewish History – read more

6. The transformation of Jewish Culture and Society in the Medieval Islamic World – read more

7. Kabbalah and Its Place in Late Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Culture – read more

8. Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations: From Sour Grapes to Sacrament – read more

9. Medieval Jewish Philosophy in its Islamicate contexts – read more

10. Jewish Perspectives on the Calendar – read more

11. Hasidism – read more

12. The Jewish Enlightenment – read more

13. Burton Kaplan Course in Modern Jewish Philosophy – read more

14. Talmudic Stories – read more

15. Modern Hebrew Literature – read more

The Israel study trip

A study trip to Israel is included in the program. The trip takes place at the beginning of January and is mandatory in the Program.

Israel Study Trip Part I: Yad Vashem Seminar – read more

Israel Study Trip Part II: The National Library of Israel Seminar – read more