The One-Year Jewish Studies Program has a requirement of 60 credits based on the equivalence of ECTS. Academic year comprises two modules: Module I and Module II.

Module I comprises yearly long courses: Hebrew language course (at three different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced), Parashat HaShavua and Methodology of Talmud. It also includes individual project work, presentations and workshops. If possible to organize, it also includes the study trip to Israel. Complete module awards 25 credits.

Module II consists of short-term courses in the field of Jewish studies. They are given in one or two-week long blocks. They run chronologically from Torah and Midrash, through Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Responsa Literature to Modern Jewish Philosophy and Literature. Completed module awards 35 credits.

The program starts in September and finishes at the end of May.
Studies are conducted five days a week, seven hours a day.
The language of instruction is English.

In the 2023/2024 academic year the following courses are included in the Program:

Year-long courses

1. Modern Hebrew- read more

2. Methodology of Talmud – read more

3. Parashat Hashavua – read more

Visiting scholar courses

The Elective module consists of one and two-week Visiting Scholar courses. Students must complete a minimum of 35 ECTS credits from these electives.

1. Studying the Hebrew Bible – read more

2. Judaism/Judaisms: An Introduction to Religious Jewish History from 586 BCE to 640 CE – read more

3. The Drama of Study: Textual Interpretation as Key to Jewish Culture – read more

4. Midrash and Aggada: Texts on Rabbinic Judaism – read more

5. The Jew in the Medieval World – read more

6. Transformation of Jewish Culture and Society in the Medieval Islamic World – read more

7. Harry C. Sigman Course in Jewish Law: From the Bible to the State of Israel – read more

8. Perspectives on the Jewish Calendar – read more

9. Environment and Judaism: From Ideas to Practice – read more

10. Movement between the Worlds in Rabbinic Literature – read more

11. Kabbalah and Its Place in Late Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Culture – read more

12. Jewish-Christian Relations Through the Ages: Conflicts and Convergences – read more

13. Medieval Jewish Philosophy in its Islamicated Contexts – read more

14. Ed Robin Course: The Jewish Enlightenment – read more

15. Introduction to Hasidism – read more

16. Contemporary Jewish Education – read more

17. Burton Kaplan Course in Modern Jewish Philosophy- read more

18. Modern Jewish Literature – read more

19. The ethos and performance of study in Jewish culture – read more

20. Yiddish culture – read more

The Israel study trip

A study trip to Israel is planned to be a part of the program. The time and scope of the trip is planned in conjunction with the National Library of Israel and Yad Vashem.