The One-Year Jewish Studies Program at Paideia

The students are eligible for Paideia scholarships during their studies at the One-Year Program. The scholarship includes tuition-free studies, a study trip to Israel and a monthly stipend of approximately 900€ per month to cover rent and living costs for the time of studies in the One-Year Program. Since the number of scholarships is limited, students who are financially self-sufficient or have external financing will have a better chances of being accepted to the program.

Scholarships are only awarded to candidates who actively contribute to strengthening Jewish life and culture in Europe and have the potential to continue to do so in their future work. 

This means that scholarships are primarily given to Europeans. Candidates who do not fulfill this criterion may be accepted to the program without scholarship. Candidates who are entitled to state support such as the Swedish CSN are not eligible for Paideia scholarships.

Master’s Program in Jewish Civilizations at the Center for Jewish Studies Heidelberg

There are several scholarships avalaible for participants of the Master’s Program in Jewish Civilizations during the second year of the studies. The list of scholarship opportunities will be provided for students accepted to the Program.

Master’s Program in Religious Studies and Theology with specialization in History of Religions at Lund University

At the moment there are no scholarships provided for for participants of the Master’s Program in Religious Studies and Theology during the second year of the studies. Lund University will, however, cover your travel costs (tickets within Sweden) for the seminars in Lund.