Dr. Yair Lipshitz
27 teaching hours, equivalent to 3 ECTS

Dr. Yair Lipshitz is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts and Head of the Cymbalista Jewish Heritage Center at Tel Aviv University. He is also Academic Content Advisor at Paideia. Dr. Liphshitz’ research examines the various intersections between theatre, performance and Jewish religious traditions – and more broadly, between theatre and religion. He is the author of “The Holy Tongue, Comedy’s Version: Intertextual Dramas on the Stage of ‘A Comedy of Betrothal’” (Hebrew, 2010), “Embodied Tradition: Theatrical Performances of Jewish Texts” (Hebrew, 2016), and “Theatre & Judaism” (English, 2019). He has also published numerous papers dealing with topics ranging from Jewish-Italian theatre in the Renaissance to the queering of Scripture in “Angels in America”, and from Jewish ritual and performance theory to the reception of “King Lear” and “Salome” in Modern Hebrew culture. His current projects focus on messianic temporalities in Hebrew theatre and on the performativity of rabbinic literature.