Dr. Joshua Krug
15 teaching hours, equivalent to 2 ECTS

Joshua Krug is a scholar and practitioner of Jewish education. He is the Sommerfreund Visiting Professor of Jewish
Studies at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien in Heidelberg, Germany.

What is Jewish education today – and what is it like? 
Who has a say and a stake in ongoing debates about Jewish education? 
How and where is Jewish education practiced? How and where might Jewish education be practiced? 
How does Jewish education resemble – and diverge from – Jewish Studies education? 
This course will give students theoretical, methodological, and practical foundations concerning questions at the
heart of contemporary Jewish education research and application. The course will introduce students to a variety of
humanistic and qualitative methodologies for exploring salient dynamics in global Jewish education. While the course
will begin with a deep dive into theory as well as history, it will primarily focus on contemporary phenomena in
relation to the field.