Prof. Arnold Franklin
15 teaching hours, equivalent to 2 ECTS

Arnold Franklin is associate professor of History and director of the Jewish Studies Program and the Center for Jewish Studies at Queens College of the City University of New York. He completed his BA at Harvard and his PhD at Princeton. His research focuses on the social, cultural, and religious history of the Jews in the Islamic world. He is the author of This Noble House: Jewish Descendants of King David in the Medieval Islamic East and editor of volume 3 of the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, Encountering Christianity and Islam, 600–1200 (Yale, forthcoming).

This course will explore the political, cultural and religious history of Jews in the Islamic world from the rise of Islam to the 13th century. Topics to be covered include the historical relationship between Judaism and Islam, the organization of the Jewish community, and developments in Jewish law, philosophy, religious writing and literature. Particular attention will be given to points of contact between the two societies and the ways in which the Jewish experience was shaped by the surrounding Islamic environment.